Jag beskriver företeelser i vardagen – ej samma som åsikter

Hu Media

Det nämns ofta i media om Ungerns inskränkningar gällande journalistik. Jag ska se vad jag får får fram i detta.

Börjar leta på nätet:

”Media landscape Hungary” EJC – European Journalism Centre. Budapest Business journal.
Ethical codes – National Association of Hungarian Journalists.
Major problematic issues” from law 2010 SEEMO
Our Experts” Mérték:

Mertek Media Monitor is committed to opinion and press freedom. Its aim is to evaluate the impacts of media laws and other media policy decisions, and to publish the results on international level.”

2018-08-18 Daily news Hungary – Kritik från amerikansk journalist.
2018-05-01 Daily News Hungary – ”General climate of fear in Hungary
2018-09-24 Reuters – World news about Hungary media.
2017-10-17 Hungarian spectrum.
2016-10-17 ”A black day for journalism” The world and all it’s voices.
2016-05-16 ”Hungarian journalists build new website” – Global Investigative Journalism network.
2016-01-21 ”Soft censorship” Mapped – Xindex The voice of free expression.
2015-09-29 ”Rule of law”  Hu journalists protest against V Orban.
2014-12-16 EFJ. European Federation of Journalists.
2014-08-17 ”Independent Journalism under incr. threat” Equal Times.
2012-03-28 ”Hungarian media – Cause of concern” SEEMO statements
2011-11-16 Hungarian media law Independent Journalism Centre -> Media AZI.